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-päivä 22.11.2019

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Bring Your Child to Work Day on November 22, 2019

It is good for children to see where the adults are working and to get a sense of what working really is. Many children do not necessarily even know or cannot explain what their parents do for a living.

This theme day, organised by the Ombudsman for Children, the Central Union for Child Welfare and the Ministry of Employment and Economy of Finland, will be held again during the Children’s Rights Week, on Friday 22 November!

Bring Your Child to Work Day has been inspired by similar national days held in, for example, the United States and England. Around the same time last year, this national theme day was held for the first time in Finland. The office of the Ombudsman for Children coordinates the planning of the campaign day in collaboration with labour market organisations.

The aim of the Bring Your Child to Work Day is not to make children work but to show them how their parents or other important adults spend their days.

The visit does not need to be a long one, children can come, for example, for the morning or the afternoon. The visit can consist of presentations, little tours or even light activities related to the field in question.

Let’s bring our children to work on November 22! Sign up your workplace, participate in the theme day and challenge others to do the same as well!